Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Can You Be Good Without God?

I was watching a news show where they were talking about a recent poll about the decline of morality in the United States. It showed that morality was at an all time low. Two of the commentators thought the cause was the decline in church attendance with the subsequent lack of training in morality. But one commentator thought that you could be a good, moral person without God.
  I have read about this trend, especially in the rising numbers of atheists and agnostics. I listened to a talk given by Jennifer Fulwiler, a popular blogger and former atheist who said that many atheists are very good, moral people.
  So where do we learn what is good and moral behavior. Is it common knowledge?  That can't be true because people disagree in many areas of morality. Is it built into our DNA?  That can't be true because if it were there would be no people who do harm to others. Our knowledge of what is good and moral, at least in western society, actually comes from our Judeo-Christian heritage.
 The United States was founded by Christians and our laws are based on Christian principles. The laws governing Europe, Canada and South America all had their source in Christianity and Judaism. It was Christianity that civilized the world; and Christianity came out of Judaism since Jesus was a Jew.  So even though a person may not have faith, or may have just some sort of "spirituality", their sense of right and wrong come from the Judeo-Christian heritage of their country.  Because of this, I think the two commentators who thought the cause was the decline in church attendance were correct.
  Everyone thinks children are innocent, which they are in so much as they are not old enough to sin. But every person is born into this world with the seeds of sin in their soul. Those seeds are going to sprout because no man or woman is perfect. What keeps those seeds of sin from growing and spreading and destroying the man or woman is the grace of God. Without God's grace we are doomed to be slaves to our sinful tendencies. Oh yes; we can sometimes resist some sin. We can do some good. But without God our sinful natures tend to take over. Without God the temptations of the evil one defeat us. Without God our innate selfishness overcomes our thinking and we rationalize our behavior.
  Without God, our ideas of what is right and what is wrong are just our ideas. We don't know for sure whether they are right or wrong for everyone. Only God can tell us what is the real truth. If it were not for God revealing Himself in the Judeo-Christian heritage and showing us what is truly right and wrong, good and bad, we would all still be uncivilized barbarians like the radical Islamists.
  So let no one say they can be good and moral without God. It is an impossibility.

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