Tuesday, January 3, 2017

On Ragged Jeans and the Influence of Advertising

This may only apply to those who live in the United States since I don't know how people in other countries dress.
  It seems to be the fashion presently for people to wear ragged jeans, both men and women; but since women tend to be more fashion conscious, it applies more to women than to men. And it's not just a young person thing. I have seen several women over fifty wearing them--and even a minister at his Sunday service!
  At the New Years Eve house party I attended there was a young woman (21) with the most ragged jeans I have seen yet. They had so many holes and frays, there was little left to cover her legs. I asked and found that she not only bought them in that condition, but paid top dollar for them.
  I couldn't help but think what a person from a third world country, or someone from the 60's, would think about a wealthy American actually buying such a thing.
  Where have we come in our society! It shows not only the stupidity of the masses, but the power wielded by the advertising and fashion industry. To take intelligent, middle and upper class people and convince them that ragged jeans are not only a good thing to wear, but actually becoming!
  It's such a good example of the Biblical principle of most people being like dumb sheep; so easily led that they'll go so far to even jump off a cliff.
  It's good to reflect from time to time on our values. How much are the choices we make in our lives based on wisdom, knowledge and good reasoning. How much are we influenced by the culture, the media, our friends. Is who we are and what we do what we were meant by God to do and be or are we manipulated by the masses?
  It's a much more important decision than what kind of clothes we wear. But ragged jeans is a good example of how ridiculously far people will go when they're just being dumb sheep.

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