Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Career Vs. Motherhood--Can You Do Both?

There is an ongoing debate in the United States about whether a woman can be a "good" mother as well as having a full-time career. I heard on the news recently a statement by Kellyanne Conway, President-elect's campaign manager, who reportedly was being considered for a position in the new administration. She said that "her children will always come first." She has twins, age 12, an eight year old and a seven year old. How can she possibly be there to raise and nurture four children and also serve full-time in the new administration? It's a physical impossibility! If her children come first, then she will not be able to do her best at her job. One person can't do both well. I know this to be true because I have raised four children myself and have observed the lives of many families for many years.
  Radio personality Dennis Prager once had a show titled "Does a Full-Time Homemaker Swap Her Mind For a Mop?" (www.DennisPrager.com). In it he logically pointed out the truth that a woman can't have a career and be a mother and do both well. There are no Super Moms!
  For those women who have to work outside the home for financial reasons, and for single moms, this should help them feel less guilty about not being able to give their all to their jobs and not being able to do everything necessary to manage a home and family well. If a woman has to work outside the home she can just do the best she can to do both jobs as well as she can manage and then let go of the rest.
  For those who don't have to work outside the home, they can be thankful that they are able raise their own children, maintain a nice home for their husband and family and have time to contribute to the well-being of society.
  For those women who choose to have a career, be aware that your choice limits the time and energy you can devote to your marriage, your children, your home and society in general. Don't think you can do both well. You will have to rely on others, either paid or unpaid, to help you raise your children, clean your house, provide healthy meals and chauffeur your children.
  This is the age of "choice" for women. Choose wisely.

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