Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tithing Time For Prayer

There is a similarity between determining how much of your income to give to the poor and other charities and how much time to devote to prayer. Do you give 10%, 15%, 20%?  Do you pray ten minutes, 30 minutes, one hour; or more?  The needs are so great in the world, both for money and for prayer.
  If our desire is to be obedient to God and follow Jesus, then we have to discern how much time He wants us to spend in prayer. It's not what we feel like doing or how much time we have (there will never be enough time), but how much time does God want us to set aside for prayer.
  For each person the answer will be different. Also different will be the kind of prayer: praise, thanksgiving, meditation, intercession, reading Scripture, adoration, petitions. We need to include all these in our prayer time.
  God definitely wants us to pray each day. But how much and which kind of prayer? Ask the Holy Spirit. He will guide you.

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