Tuesday, May 3, 2016


  We in our country (U.S.A.) and in many places throughout the world, have a distorted understanding of sex and the relationship between a man and a woman. (I do not refer to homosexual sex here because that in itself is distorted.)
  Many people mistakenly believe that sexual intercourse is a bodily need like eating, sleeping, drinking; that not having a sexual relationship makes a person deficient in some way.
  Some think sex was intended for pleasure. Actually, the reason for pleasure in sex is to get people to do it! If it did not cause us to feel good, we would avoid it.
  God created our sexuality.  In the Bible, in the Book of Genesis, it says that everything God created was “good”. Therefore sexual intercourse is good. But the Evil One and sinful people pervert the good things God created.  For instance, eating is good and we need to eat to live. But over-eating is bad and harms our bodies. Rest and recreation is good, but too much rest and recreation makes us lazy and unproductive. Exercise is good and healthy for our bodies.  But some people become obsessed with exercising and bodily appearance.
  There are two purposes for sexual intercourse: it is procreative and unitive.  The main purpose of sexual intercourse is the creation of children. This fact is very obvious to anyone observing the animal world. Our bodies were designed to create and bear children.  Sex is unitive in that it bonds a man and a woman together emotionally and psychologically. That’s one reason why it was meant to be exclusive to married couples.  It causes much emotional and psychological damage to both men and women when they have sex with multiple partners.
  What do we do if we have no sexual partner? We live!  There are many people in this world who live happy, fulfilling and productive lives without a sexual relationship. And even some of those who do have a husband or wife will find that a time may come when they can no longer have sex due to illness, disability or old age. We would all do well to remember that although having a sexual relationship is a blessing, it's not a necessity.

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