Saturday, May 7, 2016

Only a Mother?

A mother is a teacher—the first and most important teacher; teaching her children how to speak, read and write; teaching them faith, values, morals; a good work ethic; compassion for and service to others. 

A mother is a nurse—bandaging up wounds and broken bones; caring for her sick children; taking them to doctors, getting up in the night to give medicine, clean up vomit or soothe a feverish brow. 

A mother is a judge—helping siblings to sort out their disputes; refereeing arguments and disagreements with friends; deciding what’s right and wrong. 

A mother is a guardian angel—watching over her children day and night; child-proofing their home; a safety inspector; warning them of possible dangers; teaching them to drive safely. 

A mother is a chef and nutritionist –planning, buying and cooking healthy meals for her children; providing healthy snacks; watching their weight so they don’t get overweight. 

A poet once wrote “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”  No job has a greater effect on the world than being a mother. 

Most important the time and energy invested in raising a child is an investment that will live forever.

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