Tuesday, February 21, 2017

God Wants Us to Look Our Best

I believe that God wants us to look our best. When we are baptized in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, we become sons and daughters of God. Therefore, we are princes and princesses in God's Kingdom. As such, we should look the part.
  I don't believe there is anything ugly in God's Kingdom. Every witness I've read of people who have had near-death experiences and gone to Heaven witness to a place of beauty and light, filled with flowers and trees. In the beginning of the world, God created all things beautiful and good. It was only after sin entered the world through the disobedience of man that ugliness began to invade. So ugliness is not of God but from the evil one.
  One of the responsibilities given to God's children is to work to help make the world the Kingdom of God. Jesus said that we should pray "Thy Kingdom come" (Matthew 6:10). We, as individuals, are God's ambassadors. We should look the part.
  I like to think of females as flowers and males as trees in God's garden. For flowers or trees to thrive, they must have sun, water and good soil. They also must be protected from pests and diseases. For us to look our best we need to spend time tending our bodies. Now I'm not advocating spending hours and hours exercising, fixing our hair, putting on makeup. Or spending tons of money getting Botox treatments, face lifts or hair replacement. But there's nothing wrong or vain about keeping our body fit, having a nice hairstyle, wearing makeup or dressing nicely. If we are not handsome or beautiful, it's not because God created us that way; it's because we are born into a fallen world. So it's a good thing to help ourselves look closer to how we were meant to look.
  Our personal appearance also reflects how we are on the inside. Very often people with poor self-esteem reflect that in their appearance. They dress in dull, drab colors; their clothing is disheveled; hair unwashed or uncombed; no makeup. Think of the homeless people you have seen. I remember a wedding I attended as a child. The bride was pregnant and had very poor self-esteem. She was dressed in a lovely gown, but her hair was short and chopped and she wore no makeup. It was such a contrast to the lovely gown.
  We are the "Bride of Christ". We are His Knights in shining armor. Let's reflect that on the outside as well as inside.

My lover is radiant and ruddy; he stands out among thousands. His head is pure gold; his locks are palm fronds, black as the raven....Who is this that comes forth like the dawn, as beautiful as the moon, as resplendent as the sun,... Songs 5:10; 6:10

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