Tuesday, October 4, 2016

On Homosexuality, Transgenderism and Gender Identity

This whole new controversy on homosexuality, transgenderism and gender identity reminds me of the "Fat Is Beautiful" movement back in the late 60"s (for those of you old enough to remember!). The proponents of that movement were trying to convince people that being overweight was really just as beautiful as being a normal weight.; that it was just our social conditioning that caused us to feel that the bodies of people who were fat were not as attractive as those who were not overweight.  Well, that didn't last long (although there are resurgences of it from time to time). We all know, and can see, that big fat bellies and rolls of fat are not attractive (much less unhealthy).
  I think it's the same with the homosexuality, transgenderism and gender identity movement. We all know inherently that these are disorders are not normal. Whether they are physiological or psychological does not matter. The bottom line is, they are not normal. Just looking at our human bodies testifies to this. Babies are born male or female. No amount of wishful thinking will change that.
  Men and women fit together sexually like parts of a puzzle. A puzzle designed by God. Men and men do not fit together. Women and women do not fit together. And what is this "fitting together" all about--cooperating with God in making babies. Men cannot make babies with other men. Women cannot make babies with other women. No amount of wishful thinking will change that. The truth is written in nature.
  Yes, we have compassion for those who are afflicted with these disorders. But it is misguided compassion to pretend that it is all "normal" behavior; that those afflicted with these disorders will get better, be happy, etc. if we just try to convince everyone that it is normal. To deny the disorders is to make it impossible for those afflicted to receive treatment. Yes, we know treatment doesn't always work. But it does work for some.
  What if we pretend that all other disorders are normal and stop trying to help people get better? Will all these people be happy and well-balanced? Will chronic depression, autism, schizophrenia and all the other mental and emotional disorders go away if we declare them to be normal?
  Those of us who see the truth need to stand up against the tide of misconceptions that are being promoted by the few. I believe the majority of people don't believe the lies being promoted in the media but are too afraid of being labeled "homophobic", unintelligent or uninformed. You don't have to be very smart to see the truth. It's written in our bodies.

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