Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day Care and Nursery Schools

  I recently visited a day care facility/nursery school. It’s not one of the poor quality ones but rather has a reputation for being a good one. This may very well be as far as care, cleanliness, ratio of child to adult, etc., but it made me very sad.

  The room I entered was bordered with cribs on three sides, end to end. There were quite a few toddlers and preschoolers lying on mats on the carpeted floor, napping.

  I couldn’t help but think that this is not what God intended when He blessed parents with a child. The intention was for the mother to continue to nurture the child she carried in her body and for the father to care for and financially support his family.

  My heart breaks for the thousands upon thousands of institutionalized babies and small children who should be home being raised by their mothers; or at least by their fathers or another relative.

 You may say that a nursery “school” or day care facility is not an institution. The dictionary defines “institution” as “an established organization or corporation especially of a public character.” Schools are institutions. Little children were not meant to be raised in institutions but in the safe, nurturing environment of their home. Children do not socialize with other children until about the age of two. And they don’t really need formal teaching until they reach kindergarten age. Nursery schools and day care facilities are “germ factories” where colds and diseases are easily spread by drooling teething toddlers and many children playing with the same toys.

  Research shows that little children raised in a home environment with one caregiver become more independent and have better relationships with others in the future. The one on one relationship with a loving relative helps them to grow in trust and confidence.

  I realize that this is the ideal and not what every parent can do. There are single, widowed and poor parents who have no choice but to go out to work. But most parents have a choice. Most parents who choose day care for their small children do so because they don’t want to interrupt their career or they want large lovely homes, nice cars and yearly vacations. They sacrifice the welfare of their children (sometimes unknowingly) for materialism.

  Our materialistic culture, feminism and the media have distorted the truth about the value of mothers, fathers and the family. Let those of us who know the truth do all we can to share that truth with others.

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