Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Trouble With Families

There are many authorities and pundits who analyze society and give reasons for the breakdown of the family in Western society. But I think they miss the main reason. The trouble with families today is that nobody's home. Mom and Dad both work outside the home, leaving the children to be raised by schools, day care centers and sometimes grandparents. When everyone returns home there is dinner to cook, clothes to wash, homework to be done, shopping or other errands. There is no time left in the day for anything other than chores and those things that have to be done. Weekends are the time for cleaning, grocery shopping and preparing for the week ahead. And Sundays are never the day of worship, rest and recreation they were meant to be.
  Not too long ago, most mothers were homemakers. They raised the children, read to them and taught them faith, values and good morals. They cooked healthy meals, chauffeured the children to their outside activities, monitored "screen" time, and prepared for holidays. They were also there so children could play outside during the day or after school. They were home to see that teens (the foolish years) did not smoke, drink or spend time alone with members of the opposite sex.
  God has a design for families. It is written in our bodies, in our minds and in our DNA. No matter what manipulations science tries, men will never get pregnant and carry a child within them. No matter how much the average woman works out, she will never be as strong as most men. The design was for women to conceive and nurture the children and for men to provide, protect and care for the family.
  People have forgotten that raising good families takes work, and time and sacrifice; not money, material possessions and vacations. Yes, there are other reasons for the breakdown of the family. But I think the fact that no one is home is the primary reason.

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