Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Suicide--The Ultimate Tragedy

As faith in God decreases in our society, the number of suicides increases. And now euthanasia is legal in some places and those that want assisted suicide are lobbying in many other places.
  There is a life after death. We know that for sure because of God's revelation in the Bible and because of the many, many documented near death experiences (NDEs). Those who have "died" and come back witness to two experiences: a place of light, peace and overwhelming love or a place of darkness and suffering.
  People commit suicide to escape from the pain of life, whether physical or mental. But do they really escape? Or do they exchange the suffering in this world for continued or even worse suffering in the next? According to God's Word and the testimony of those who have experienced a NDE, we can't be sure.
  Many people mistakenly believe that all "good" people go directly to Heaven when they die. Unfortunately, there is no evidence for that--it's just something that makes us feel good, especially when we're grieving over the passing on of a loved one.
  We know that nothing unholy can enter God's presence. We can experience the presence of Jesus, but not the Almighty Father. Therefore, I believe there is a place after death where we undergo a final purification and transformation before we can enter Heaven. How long that takes may depend on how holy we were at the time of our death.
  Perhaps our suffering on earth is part of our purification and transformation. Then if we choose to end our life on earth prematurely, we may have to continue that suffering on the other side.
  Another thought often comes to mind. When we suffer on earth, we usually have friends or loved ones to accompany us on our final journey. If we leave here before God's ordained time, we go on alone.
  So the greatest tragedy is thinking that ending our life is an escape from suffering. Be sure to share that with others, especially young people.

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