Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Reflection on 1 Corinthians 13

LOVE is…
Patient – bears trials, steadfast despite difficulty
Kind – affectionate, loving, sympathetic, friendly, gentle, agreeable, pleasant
Not jealous – envious, malicious, begrudging

LOVE does not…
Boast – put on airs, brag, glorify self

LOVE is not…
Conceited – proud, snobbish, arrogant, overbearing, insolent
Rude – vulgar, forceful, lacking delicacy, uncouth, offensive in manner or action, discourteous
Selfish – thinks of self first, ambitious, disregarding others needs or desires
Easily angered – indignant, rage, wrath, irritable, does not take offense
Resentful – holding grudges, brooding over injuries, malice
Not happy – not contented, not pleased
with evil – offensive behavior, disagreeable behavior, something that brings sorrow, suffering

Rejoices in the truth – takes no pleasure in other peoples sins, does not gossip
Thinks no evil – intends, plans, remembers, expects, imagines

LOVE does not…
Rejoice in – delight in
wrong – mistakes, injustice, sin, immorality

Believes all things – is ready to excuse, looks for the good in others
Trusts – depends on, relies on, has confidence in
Hopes – desires with expectation of fulfillment, expects
Perseveres – endures, never gives up, persists despite opposition or discouragement
Has forbearance – leniency, tolerance, mercy
Never ends – fails, weakens, fades, stops, disappoints, neglects, deserts

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