Monday, December 7, 2015

An Advent Reflection for Mothers

  As women, our preparations for Christmas are not for ourselves, but for others—the baking, shopping, cards, decorations, etc. are to make others happy.  These preparations are usually not done peacefully and joyfully.  We have to fit them into our already busy schedules.  This causes us to be tired, harried and aggravated.  We worry that we won’t get done in time.

  It’s a good time to stop a moment and think about how it was for Mary as she prepared for Christmas.  I’m sure she was not peaceful and joyful at nine months pregnant riding on a donkey.  We know what it was like to ride in a car at nine months pregnant.  The road to Bethlehem was not smooth; lots of potholes and delays.  She was probably cold, tired, hungry and thirsty.  Maybe Joseph was not very patient having to walk the whole distance with a pregnant wife (remember he was not a saint yet).  I’m sure Mary worried that she wouldn’t get to Bethlehem before the baby was born.

  So when Advent seems rushed, when we are tired and irritated and wonder if it’s all worth it, when time for “Advent meditation” is nonexistent; don’t feel guilty.   Think about Mary.  Her Advent journey was to bring joy and peace to others too.

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