Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to Fit Prayer Into A Busy Life

  • When eating dinner with your family, each person mentions something to be thankful for today.
  • Use the time waiting for a traffic light to change to say a prayer.
  • Listen to Christian rather than secular radio at home or while driving.
  • Read stories about people’s real encounters with angels, miracles or healings.
  • Hang prayers on walls and say the prayer whenever you see it.
  • When you notice a picture of a family member in your home, say a quick prayer for that person.
  • Write different meal prayers on index cards and have a family member read a different one at each meal.
  • Pray a safe driving prayer yourself or with family members when you get in the car each morning.
  • Say a prayer each time you do a routine task.
  • Read short devotionals early in the morning, at meals you eat by yourself, or before bed.
  • Sit quietly and talk with God for ten minutes early in the morning or after children go to bed.

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